Welcome to Advanced Purchasing Technology!                                                                                                                                            

We use world class eSourcing technology & processes to help purchasing organizations improve their profitability across the supply chain, saving both TIME and MONEY!        Find out what we are all about:

  •     We help you manage your competitive bidding process in a highly structured and ethical manner.

  •     We average 15-20 percent savings for our clients!

  •     We serve corporate, non-profit, and government organizations.

  •     We provide proven cost reduction tools and processes

  •     World-class eSourcing tool provider

  •     Strategic Sourcing Consulting

  •     We facilitate online competitive bidding events for purchasing organizations

    What We Do?


  •      Utilize eSourcing (online bidding) technology to conduct online RFI's and RFP's  for others

  •      Sell online bidding technology - hosted software licenses on Procuri.com  

  •      Consult with purchasing organizations on strategic sourcing  

  •      Train organizations how to implement this technology



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